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Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Installation

Anyone who installs unvented cylinders is required by law to have the G3 qualification which permits installers to work legally. Unvented cylinders have to be installed safely and securely, and the manufacturer’s installation guide must be followed.

There are two different variations of hot water cylinders available on the market today. The newest model is the pressurised “unvented” cylinder which is becoming increasingly popular. Then you have the older “vented” cylinder which is still providing hot water throughout many homes and businesses across the Wirral. Both of these cylinders are available to purchase in different sizes. The size reflects how much hot water can be stored inside.

The cylinder manufacturers below are widely regarded as the best on the market:

  • Worcester
  • Gledhill
  • Megaflo

Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

Unvented hot water cylinders have a water inlet that comes from the main water supply in the property. The cylinder fills up with water, and it’s heated by the use of electrical elements which are inside the cylinder. Otherwise the water maybe heated indirectly from a boiler. You can read more below about direct vs indirect. Cylinders have no problems supplying multiple water outlets such as showers, baths and sinks with hot water. Cylinders operate at the mains pressure which provides superb flow rates. Your hot water will have the same pressure as your main water supply. That means the delivery of your hot water should flow quickly from the outlets. If you are wondering what the term unvented means, it means that the cylinder is not being vented to the open atmosphere.

If you want hot water with excellent flow rates throughout all water outlets in your home, choosing a cylinder would be an excellent choice. You can have the shower on, the kitchen sink on and run a bath all at the same time without the hot water slowing to a trickle. Cylinders are a good choice for large households with multiple bathrooms.

Never attempt to fit an unvented hot water cylinder yourself as it can be hazardous. We cannot stress the importance of having a qualified professional to install your unvented cylinder safely and securely. If one of these units is not installed correctly, they can be extremely dangerous.

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Installation & Repair Wirral

Indirect vs Direct

The main difference between a direct cylinder and an indirect cylinder is how the water inside is heated. Below you will find the two different ways water is heated inside each cylinder.


The water inside the cylinder is heated internally by the use of electrical elements.


Indirect heating of the hot water means the water is heated by an external power source such as a gas boiler. If for some reason the primary heating source was to fail they usually have a backup immersion heater just in case.

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