Do You Have a Leaking Tap That Needs Reparing?

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Tap Repair Wirral

If you think about it, the taps in your home are probably used more than any of the other fixtures in the house. They are in your kitchen, bathroom, and many back gardens. Whenever a tap develops an issue, it should be addressed right away to save the problem getting worse.

In the majority of cases, taps can be repaired quickly. If a tap is in need of repair and is left to leak or drip it can cause a lot of water damage to your property. Not to mention how annoying it can be to listen to a tap dripping throughout the night. It’s enough to drive you insane!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of DIY installers who may install taps incorrectly or the wrong way around. It is only a matter of time before these poorly fitted taps start to give you problems. If you would like your taps to be repaired or installed correctly by a professional plumber get in touch today. You wouldn’t believe how many rooms I have seen destroyed from poorly fitted taps.

Repairing Outside / Bathroom / Kitchen Taps

It’s surprising how many people assume a leaking tap is not much of a problem. All kinds of unforeseen problems can be caused if a tap is leaking from the underside of the fixture for example. The water leaking from the tap could be dripping onto wood and creating wood rot and encouraging mould growth which is bad for your health. Examples like this are all too common, that’s why we recommend having a tap repaired as quickly as possible.

Replacing Kitchen/Bathroom/ Outside Taps

In some cases, taps are beyond repair. Taps that are beyond repair are usually very old, corroded and seized up. Old taps like these make it uneconomical to repair. Whenever we are called out for a tap repair in Wirral, we will always give you an honest assessment. If a tap can be repaired, we will repair it, if not we will recommend replacing them. We can supply and fit new kitchen taps, bathroom taps or garden taps anywhere in Wirral.