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Lead Pipe Replacement in Wirral

Many years ago, the only type of pipe available for plumbing was made of lead. Lead was used to make pipes because it was rust resistant, cheap, and easy to weld. Lead water pipes were used as the main water supply to houses throughout the country.

A lot of lead pipes have been replaced with plastic, but some old houses may still have the original lead pipe as the main water supply.

Are you thinking about having the lead pipe water supply replaced in your house? If you are, Plumbers Wirral are here to help. We are a team of highly skilled plumbers with many years of experience of replacing lead water pipes throughout the Wirral.

Lead Water Pipe Replacement Wirral

What is lead?

Lead is a malleable type of metal that can be found deep within the ground. If lead is ingested in the human body, it can have harmful effects. Traces of lead can be found in our water supply, the air we breathe and the food we eat.

Adults and children need to be aware of lead poisoning because it can have serious detrimental effects on our bodies. Lead poisoning affects children much worse than adults because it causes damage to the central nervous system while it is still in development. It can also affect children’s learning ability and behaviour. Other health problems caused by lead poisoning are problems with reproduction in adults and damage to the kidneys. If exposure to lead continues over a long period of time, problems will health will continue to get worse.

Preventing exposure to lead poisoning is extremely important, especially for children. If you would like to protect your family from the harmful effects of lead in the water supply, you should give us a call today on (phone number), and we can book an appointment to have that harmful lead pipe removed.

Are lead pipes harmful?

Ingesting lead is bad for our health in a number of ways, but having a lead pipe does not necessarily make it harmful. Over time, a layer of oxidised metal forms on the inside layer of the pipe. The oxidised metal layer creates a barrier between the lead pipe and the water. In theory, the water in the pipe is not in direct contact with the lead. However, there are no guarantees that oxidised metal layer within the pipe is keeping you 100% safe from ingesting lead particles in your water supply. If you have a lead pipe, it is highly recommended you have it replaced.

How to know when you have lead pipes?

The age of your house will be the first thing to take into consideration whether you have a lead pipe or not. It is highly likely that you have a lead pipe water supply if your house was built before 1960. If you are still not sure, the bullet points below will show you what to look for in your home:

  • If you tap a pipe made of lead, it will sound like a dull thud rather than a higher pitched ringing sound when tapping a metal object
  • Get a coin and gently scrape the surface of the pipe. If you can see a shiny, silver colour underneath, then you can be sure it is a lead pipe.
  • See if you can spot any dull colours on the pipes within your home. Usually, you will see a dull grey pipe supplying the kitchen tap with water.

look for pipes with any of the following

    • black grey or blue in colour
    • a pipe that feels hard and possibly rusty
    • a pipe that has an orange colour and feels very hard

If you have looked over your pipes and you suspect you may have found a lead pipe, get in touch with us immediately and will get you booked in for a lead pipe replacement.

Replace Lead Water Pipe Wirral

Lead pipe replacement

Earlier in this article, it was explained how lead pipes were used to supply water in older houses. There are a lot of older houses on the Wirral that still have a lead pipe water supply. Having a lead pipe supplying water into your home is a serious health hazard. There are a lot of safe alternatives to lead that can be used for plumbing.

Pipes made of plastic such as PEX or PVC are the most commonly used pipes for replacing lead pipes. Not only do plastic pipes last longer, but they also cause no harmful effects on health.

If you would like to have your lead pipes replaced with plastic ones, our team of highly skilled plumbers can replace all of the lead pipes in your home with plastic.

Our plumbers are equipped with the latest equipment so they can tackle any plumbing problem quickly and efficiently. If you would like a lead pipe replacement in Wirral get in touch with us today on (phone number) for a free no obligation quotation.